About Sandra Singer

Sandra Singer, Founder of Sandra Singer Associates and Singer Stage School has been an agent within Feature Film, Television, Commercials, Fashion, Music Videos, Musical Theatre, Radio, Voiceovers and large events since 1985. 

Before becoming an agent, Sandra worked as a Sales, PR and Promotions Manager of Essex Radio (pre-launch and for three years thereafter) and was very fortunate to be mentored by ‘Mr Radio’ Eddie Blackwell. Within this time, she staged the very first ‘Mobil Oil Jazz Festival’ at Tilbury Fort, in association with the National Trust and also designed the concept for one of the UK’s first Female Exhibitions (a long time before London Fashion Week and Move It). As the conceptual founder of the Make Up Demonstrations, Fashion Shows, Hair Styling, Floral Arrangements, Fitness Workshops, Dance Competitions, Pageants and Cooking Competitions, Sandra played a huge part in creating the main topics depicted in TV on a daily basis.

"Becoming an agent and principal of a renowned training school has been my dream career path. I love helping talent achieve their dreams and potential."

Sandra Singer

Sandra is now a leading supplier of talent both in the UK and Internationally and is passionate about being honest with her artistes and clients and mentoring them to achieve the best that they can. Over the years Sandra has built up a great relationship with producers and casting professionals and often receives exclusive casting requests directly as well as through the industry bible ‘Spotlight‘.

About Singer Stage School

Singer Stage School is one of the UK’s leading performing arts, training schools based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex and provides industry training from the ages of 4 to 21.

Our training is structured with the view of ‘Performing Arts’ being a possible career choice for the student and is run alongside the students attending local academic schools. This ensures that our students maintain the highest level of academic education available to them and allows them to continue with their regular examinations and achieve subsequent qualifications.

Many of our students go on to attend performing arts colleges, some of which are the best in the country. Our alumni includes students who have gone onto Arts Ed, Urdang, Laines, Bird, LAMDA, London Studio Centre, GSA, Mountview, Central, Masters, Performers, TTC and many more and we encourage our students who are looking to pursue a career in the arts, to train towards this.

The school is fortunate to have some of the best working professionals in the industry as both resident and guest tutors which allows us to train our students to a high standard and with a wide range of skill sets; something that is not often found in other performing arts schools. You can see a full list of our resident and guest tutors here.

Sandra likes to know her students well so that she knows first hand what their strengths and capabilities are and is therefore able to help guide them on areas that require improvement or that she feels they should focus on. Moreover, as a talent agent, this also helps Sandra submit the individual student for casting breakdowns. One of the things we pride our school on is the ability to keep the students grounded and natural throughout the process and learn the necessary ins-and-outs of the industry. The school often has casting directors attend classes to workshop students. We are delighted to have worked on some of the most fantastic projects for Young Performers over the years.

Every student that joins Singer Stage School undergoes an audition process to join the school which allows us to train a wide range of children with different skills. This also means that the students that we train have the best training available to them and allows us to provide both skilled and passionate individuals for casting – often landing leading roles!

You can find out more about our audition process and fill out an application here.